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Your Video Spokesperson

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Your Video Spokesperson
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Susan Miller
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860 First ave.
King of Prussia, PA 19406
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yourvideospokesperson may be associated with another business located at the same address which has been in business for several decades, a casting agency.

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Date Received: 2018-03-13 18:16:52
Return Email Address: Susan@video1us.com

Hello, I recently visited your website and wanted to comment on how nice it looks.
We work with businesses like yours to create a unique marketing / promotional video that tells the story of your business, proven to quickly attract new visitors and customers to your site.
The short video below shows exactly what this custom-made video can do for your company:
Visit today and well send you a Free 2 page marketing report for your website.
If you do take time to view it, Id love to hear your thoughts.
Thank you. 
Susan Miller
Client Support Manager
Your Video
860 First ave.
King of Prussia PA, 19406